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A Vehicle Title is a legal form issued by the State Government which dictates the owner of the vehicle, as well as some other vehicle information that varies from state to state. You might have your own title or a lender who you financed with might have it. If you don’t have one, you can request a new copy from your local DMV office. If you’d like to request one online, check out this tool.

Auto Geeks buys damaged vehicles all the time! The first step is to evaluate how much repairs will cost. When you fill out your instant quote request, be sure to indicate any damage to the vehicle. This will save you time and make sure we give you the best possible price.

Auto Geeks typically buys vehicles that run, but we do make exceptions. There are special occasions where we will buy a vehicle, no matter its condition. We’ll often send out a team member to get a more thorough understanding of your car. Every situation is unique, so if you’re curious about your vehicle, ask us directly.

We can buy a vehicle if it isn’t in your name. Typically, this occurs if this is under a business name, or an estate (with rights), a Power of Attorney, or listed with a financier or leasing company. If you’re curious about your situation, shoot us a message.

Any government-issued ID, a vehicle title, and registration are typically all we require for a purchase agreement. If you have loans, financing, or liens on your vehicle, we will also need a 10-day payoff statement.

No! You can sell your vehicle to us under any financing. We’ll normally just need a 10-day payoff statement from your lender. We pay off lenders directly, so you don’t need to hassle with any finances. Contact us for more information.

Make sure to let us know! We will normally still buy it. We conduct a quick but thorough in-person examination on all vehicles. For newer vehicles, we’ll run an engine scan, and we always check out the basic mechanics, exterior, interior, and cosmetics. These will factor into your pricing, but if you tell us all the main information in your quote, then you’ll get the exact price right up front.

We can purchase vehicles that have been in minor accidents, but we don’t usually purchase vehicles with heavy body damage or salvage titles. When in doubt, reach out.

Yes! You can sell your car without even leaving your couch. Just leave the keys in a safe location and take the phone call from our team so we can coordinate the drop-off of your payment. Ask for more information during your purchasing call.

You have three options for receiving your funds: cashier’s checks, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency. Wire transfers process within 24 hours. If we’re meeting you in person, we can pull a cashier’s check and give it to you on the spot. Our DealerTrack program allows us to pay you in most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Cardano, Solana, Ethereum, Tether, and more.

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