Meet the Geeks That Make Selling Your Car Easy

Roman Diankin
Auction Manager, Transportation

Before Auto Geeks, Roman was a mechanic. He always loved “solving the puzzle” when working to fix a car, but the work was exhausting and he was looking for a change of pace.

“Auto Geeks has given me the ability to work in an office, and still use my skills as a mechanic to apply to the type of job I am doing.”

Outside of work, Roman still puts his mechanic skills to work on his motorcycle, takes his dog on walks, and spends time with his newborn son.

Sandra Bedova
Buying Manager, Operations

Sandra joined Auto Geeks looking for a challenge; she was ready to grow professionally and make a career:

“Auto Geeks has put me in a position where I can use my skills to help train and manage a team. It has given me a sense of family within work, and allowed me to do the type of job I enjoy on a daily basis.”

In her free time, she takes her dogs to the park and rides horses.

Michael Ayzenberg
On-site, Online Buyer

As a former manager of an Auto Body shop, Michael worked long hours with minimal pay.
He says:

“Auto Geeks made me realize my potential, and that I could be a team player in getting the job done, it gave me a sense of hope for my future.”

When he’s not putting in (much more enjoyable) hours at Auto Geeks, you can find him spending time with his children and traveling with friends and family.

Niko Nikov
On-site Buyer

Niko joined Auto Geeks after leaving a job that did not have a lot of potential for growth. He realized it would take him years to grow into a higher-ranking position.

“Auto Geeks has allowed me to set the pace for how much money I want to make with their commission-based system. We all have each other’s backs here at work”

During his time off, he loves to go to the race track, see his family, and (“most importantly” says Niko) spend time with his daughter.

Ali Maharramov
On-site Buyer, BDC

Ali has been detailing cars for ten years, and when he’s not in the office, he’s buying beat-up cars, repairing them, and selling them.

“I’ve learned a lot about car buying working at Auto Geeks. I’ve become good at communicating with customers, to persuade them that our company is the best in the area; we pay for their cars in the easiest and most reliable way.”

When Ali is not working on his cars, he likes to organize get-togethers with his friends and spend time with his children.

Alex Pardaev
On-site Buyer

Alex has always enjoyed work, and loved the great opportunities he had before and during his time at Auto Geeks. He says:

“I was looking forward to working with clients and satisfying their needs. I was very successful at it and all of my clients were happy. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family.”

Frank Quackenbush
On-site Buyer

Frank is another auto-industry vet; he worked at Stateline auto auction for years before Auto Geeks. Before that, he was in the oil fields. Frank is a bonafide, hard-knuckled, hard worker. He says:

“I spend as much time as possible with my kids, other than that I don’t really do anything for ‘fun.”

Vladis Arut
Online Buyer, BDC

Vladis has a background in car transportation and loves the opportunity to build new skill sets in inspection and sales.

“I was transporting cars before joining the AutoGeeks team. I am passionate about learning more and adding my expertise to our team.”

Vladis enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

John Miller
Online Buyer, BDC

John used to be a salesman in his family’s grocery store where he learned the fundamentals of service. He was ready for something new:

“First, I tried myself [at Auto Geeks] as a Sales Assistant. I got to know vehicles & the dealership atmosphere. After obtaining enough expertise, I became a buyer, and I’ve never regretted my decision. It’s fun and sometimes demanding. You’ll never get bored.”

Outside of work, John likes writing poems or songs, gaming (“I am more of a casual gamer”), and skateboarding.

Jane Lefèvre
Online Buyer, BDC

Jane was an IELTS instructor before starting up as an online buyer at Auto Geeks.

“I have learned human psychology to a certain extent, which helps me to deal with different people and negotiate reasonably. Because I have an outgoing personality, I could deal with and even make friends with skeptical people. Now, they call me first when they want to sell their vehicle.”

Jane is a very versatile person, and always trying to learn something new. She loves reading novels and religious books, learning Arabic and French, doing Pilates, singing, dancing, cooking, and visiting new places with her family and friends.

Richard Rodgers
Online Buyer, BDC

Before joining the Auto Geeks team, Richard wore many hats: from sales to customer support, he’d done it all, but never settled for one specific job. Not until Auto Geeks.

“I learned a lot here. Especially negotiating skills. I’ve made a lot of progress through the years, and truly have my own place in the company.”

Aside from work, he likes to spend time riding a horse or racing.

Vensan Drot
Online Buyer, BDC

Vensan worked in his father’s park from a very young age. He loved his job and found it exciting working with people every day. At first, it was hard to quit.

“As soon as I joined the Auto Geeks team, I discovered new opportunities that helped me grow as a person. I’ve met new people here and had the chance to learn many new things from them.”

Vensan is a professional CS:GO player and enjoys training with his team for new tournaments outside of work.

Simon Rogers
Online Buyer, BDC

Simon is a long-time veteran of the auto business and has worked in selling, purchasing, and even detailing.

“I have been working in Auto Geeks for the last 2 years as a buyer agent. Since then, I have achieved great communication skills, better knowledge of the car business as well as leadership skills.”

Simon spends his free time playing billiards with other professional players and hiking.

Mark Russo
Online Buyer, BDC

Mark is a passionate online buyer, responsible for helping customers through the purchasing process, appraising vehicles, and ensuring sales go off without a hitch. Outside of work, he is a professional chess player

Samuel Santini
Online Buyer, BDC

Sam had worked in several different companies before joining Auto Geeks. He realized quickly the team is “different” – people treated each other very well. Even the leadership was friendly.

“I’ve worked in Auto Geeks for almost 2 years, and since then I feel I’ve most improved my communication skills — and earned good money”

Sam likes playing ping pong (“table tennis”,) and going hiking with friends in the mountains every weekend.

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