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How to Sell a Leased Car?

Are you wondering whether you can sell a leased car? Yes, you can. And there are a couple of ways to go about it. Due to the increasing demand for used vehicles, people with a car lease can sell their cars, especially those nearing the end of the lease term. They can even end up […]

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    Most heavy-duty structural repairs are not cost-effective for selling your car unless you can do them yourself. Try your best to clean the vehicle out and improve the cosmetics. Most importantly, submit your instant quote form as accurately as possible. When we come by to pick up the car, we’ll quickly inspect it to make sure all the details match up with what you told us.

    When selling your car privately you’ll need to provide at least the title. Most private sales (including Auto Geeks) also require registration information and ID. If the vehicle is financed with a loan, you’ll need a 10-day payoff letter. You request that letter from your lender. That’s it!

    Trade-ins are not the best option for getting the top dollar out of your vehicle. Most often, dealers will offer you a trade-in value below the fair market value, because they still have to sell the vehicle for a profit. If you want to get the best possible competitive cash offer, sell your vehicle to Auto Geeks.

    Yes! Auto Geeks will buy financed cars and cars with liens. All you will need is a 10-day payoff letter, which you’ll get from your lender. Start your quote and we will help you with the process.

    Yes! Auto Geeks will buy cars under most conditions, even if they need repairs. If it runs, we’ll buy it. For an instant answer about your car, get your instant quote now.

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