Black Red Classic Car in a Garage No matter how careful you are when driving, it is common for your vehicle to sustain some damage. A car owner not taking proper care of a vehicle, a collision on the road, or regular wear and tear are all potential causes of damage. Also, the severity of the damage varies depending on the circumstances; therefore, when deciding whether to sell your automobile, you should base your decision mainly on the degree of damage that your vehicle has sustained.  If you are confused about what to consider to sell your damaged car, you don’t need to worry; all you need to know will be provided here. This guide will walk you through how to sell a damaged car and get as much for it as possible. Read on to learn more.

What to Know About Selling a Damaged Car

Yes, you can sell a damaged car for cash, but how much damage it has can affect the price you receive for it.  When selling a car that needs repairs, you should be completely honest about any damage to the automobile, and provide the paperwork, to receive a genuine valuation. And this is because if the vehicle is found to be different from how you described it, you might not get the price you were initially given. Throughout the appraisal process, you will be asked to rate the condition of your car on a scale of excellent to poor. Smart repairs, such as minor dings or scratches, may be necessary for a vehicle with an excellent rating, even if it has few interior and external flaws. A car with a low rating can be non-operational or have obvious technical flaws.  People sell damaged cars to make extra cash. And one of the established methods for making the most money possible from damaged vehicles is to disassemble the car yourself and sell the pieces. While it might take some time and require a lot of tools, this is a profitable option to sell a car that needs work. The only setback is that it may take more technicality to do this if you’re an enthusiast or run a shop. Still, it also requires mechanical know-how and converting your garage into a work area for the upcoming few months. You can cut through this hassle by selling your damaged cars to Auto Geeks.

Assessing the Damage

Establishing the extent of the car’s damage is the first thing you should do. This is because these damages have a variable effect on the value. The effect it has on the car’s worth will depend on the factors highlighted below: Minor cosmetic damage includes stone chips, curbed alloys, and bumper scratches. Nothing prevents you from selling a car that needs minor repairs. It’s crucial to disclose any cosmetic damage when marketing your car for sale. Keep in mind that due to issues, your vehicle will likely have a lower value compared to an undamaged car. Determine if it’s financially feasible to repair it before making a decision to do so. Car electrical difficulties can be as little as a broken power window switch or as severe as faults with the engine management system. Selling a car with electrical problems can be challenging since it can be difficult to repair and may turn off many potential buyers. All vehicles, whether Ferraris, Bugattis, Hyundais, or Hondas, share the possibility of experiencing electrical issues at any time.  Electrical issues might occur in any car, regardless of the brand, model, age, or state of repair. Your vehicle may become unroadworthy due to electrical problems, such as damaged lights and windshield wipers. Therefore, you’ll need to either fix it or arrange for a vehicle to pick it up for repairs. This includes any problem with the vehicle’s mechanical parts, such as the suspension or engine. Many car parts might malfunction anytime, which is a terrifying truth. Also, vehicles are sometimes not worth fixing, so you may search online for “How to sell a car that needs work?” Most times, you can sell your automobile if it doesn’t operate, but this will be difficult, and you might need to lower your asking price to find a buyer. If your vehicle sustains severe damage in an accident, contact your insurance provider to have the necessary repairs covered. If the cost of repairs exceeds the car’s value, the insurers will write it off. The four categories of insurance write-offs are A, B, S, and N. Demolish and crush Category A vehicles beyond repair, making them never road-legal. Classify a vehicle as a category B write-off, demolishing its body shell and prohibiting it from driving again. Recover salvageable components, such as engine parts, for use on roadworthy vehicles. Vehicles that can be repaired structurally fall under category S. Indicate that the insurance company has determined it uneconomical to repair a damaged structural component of the automobile, such as a bent chassis. Your car is in Category N if it is repairable and not structurally compromised. For instance, the insurance provider may have determined that fixing a broken bumper would be too expensive. It’s crucial to remember that non-structural damage may also involve parts like the brake and steering system, which may require replacement if damaged.

Should I Repair My Damaged Car?

Man in Black Jacket and Black Knit Cap Inspecting Car Engine Repair It is valuable to try to get any problems rectified because selling a car that needs repairs would significantly lower its value and prevent you from getting the best price. Minor scratches, dents, cracked dashboards, damaged side-view mirrors, dirty upholstery, broken audio systems, etc., are examples of small damages. Repairing these minor flaws before selling the automobile to gain a decent resale value is the best course of action. Below is a quick guide on how to go about it; Make a list of nearby garages if you’ve opted for a fix. You’ll be thankful that you choose one that is not too far from home because it is very probable that you’ll need to leave the car there. Along with friends and family, you might ask local social media groups for recommendations.  Look for reviews of the questioned mechanic online. There are evaluations for many garages on their websites, but they might not be objective. Finding a repair shop that adheres to the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair is a brilliant option. If something goes wrong, these garages will have a transparent complaints system, giving you a higher chance of finding a solution and selling a car that needs repairs privately.

What if My Car is Irreparable?

  Your automobile may be beyond repair in certain circumstances, such as if it is a category A or B insurance write-off. Since these vehicles have major structural issues that are hard to fix to a safe standard, they cannot be sold for use on public roads. You still have a few choices to help you recover some money from an irreparably damaged automobile. You can sell it for components if it is not a write-off under category A. Someone could be interested in purchasing your car to remove the salvageable parts for their own vehicle or resell. You’ll probably get some money if you sell your automobile this way rather than scrapping it. Additionally, there is less waste because the functional components may be helpful to someone else. The drawback is that selling your damaged car can take some time, as you’ll still need to market it and wait for someone to pick it up. You can trash your automobile if it is a category A write-off or if you don’t have the time to market it for parts. The car may be disposed of quickly and easily, and some scrap yards will even pick up your vehicle for you. The automobile will be destroyed, and its components recycled. Although this is the quickest option to obtain money for your car, selling it to Auto Geeks may be more beneficial.

Final Words

Various actions can cause car damage, such as running a red light and hitting your car, crashing into a ditch during a blizzard, or your teen causing a crash that leaves your vehicle in poor condition. And all these put you, the owner, in the position of selling the damaged car. The points covered in this post have equipped you with all you need to sell your damaged vehicle. Are you looking for the best place to sell damaged cars without the hassle of placing an ad or selling a damaged car privately? Auto Geeks is the right place to sell your damaged car for a fair price.